Chris Grayling has so far wasted almost 3 billion pounds of public money…

At least £500 million to sort out the mess he made when attempting to privatise the probation service (source: National Audit Office)

£33 million when sued by Eurotunnel over Seaborne Freight fiasco (source: The Guardian)

£38 million - cost to the economy in the north of England due to the rail chaos in July 2018 (source The London Economic)

£50,000 on the failed ‘lorry jam’ Brexit exercise in Kent (source: The Guardian)

£70,000 on failed attempt to ban books from prisons (source: The Independent)

£2 billion cost to taxpayers on the collapse of Virgin Trains east coast franchise (source The London Economic)

£15 million a year in additional costs to the Carillion contract to run facilities management in prisons (source The London Economic)

£5 million on ‘wasted rail fares’ for HS2 staff (source: Huffington Post)

£50 million on cancelled No Deal ferry contracts (source: The Guardian)

£32 million of charges that were unlawfully collected - which the government were ordered to pay back (source The London Economic)

£23 million contract to develop a new generation of GPS tracking tags for dangerous offenders written off because the project proved “too challenging” (source The London Economic)

£60 million over the £130 million original budget on the electronic tagging programme - described by the PAC as a “catastrophic waste of public money” (source The London Economic)

It’s enough to pay the salary of 123,000 nurses, or 162,000 care workers for a whole year.


These figures were put together by UNISON. Sign the petition we are backing to bring probation back into public ownership:

"It is hard to think of a government programme more disastrous than Transforming Rehabilitation – a botched privatisation scheme that has seen criminals commit rape and murder while supposedly under supervision." Independent Minds

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